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Tractor #A1 by Isenheim

Tractor #A1 by Isenheim

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Tractor #A1 with front loader by Isenheim

The iconic tractor from the 80s with many features in 1:17 scale.

This model, remote controlled via Bluetooth, has 6 motors in a small space and offers long-lasting fun thanks to the BuWizz battery box.

Driving: The tractor has permanent four-wheel drive and is powered by a BuWizz engine, which provides enough power to move even heavy trailers and equipment.

Steering: The unique, 11-knob wide front axle is pivoted like the original and has Ackermann steering geometry. A Lego® PoweredUp L motor is used as a servo here.

PTO shaft: A Lego®Power Functions L motor works for the rear PTO shaft. If the PTO shaft is not used, this connection has two additional functions

  • The stackable PowerFunctions port on the BuWizz can also be used for motor-powered front loader tools such as bale tongs when they are mounted.
  • The third mounting space above the rear axle can easily be controlled with the L motor.

Three-point hitch: The rear three-point hitch is powered by a Brickengine V2 engine. The front three-point hitch can be used when the front loader is dismantled. She also uses a Brickengine V2.

Conversely, for front loader operation, as in the model, the lower links of the front hydraulics must be dismantled.

Front loader: The front loader has a parallel guide and can be easily dismantled in seconds. ( Remove the central axles on the console and pull the entire front loader out to the front ). You can use engine-powered front loader tools by attaching a short PowerFunctions extension cable to the PTO engine connection and attaching it to the front loader

Scale: 1:17

Difficulty level: medium

Model specifications:

Height: 19.5 cm / 24.4 studs

Width: 15.8 cm / 19.8 studs

Length: 31.8 cm / 39.7 studs

This model is not suitable for smaller children to play with!

 The delivery time is stated as 4-6 weeks,
as each model is assembled by hand.
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