Collection: FaBiOX


The need to display, collect, transport and keep dust-free the numerous LEGO figures in our collection has led to an invention that is simple but ingenious: a transparent polycarbonate box for minifigures.

FaBiOX is made of a transparent, shock-resistant material and is equipped with cylindrical studs on the top on which you can mount your figures so that they do not fall over even when moved. What makes this solution special compared to other plastic collector's boxes is that you can integrate FaBiOX into your LEGO constructions, as the two are compatible.

Why FaBiOX?

As all LEGO lovers know, dust is the main problem when displaying your creations. But thanks to FaBiOX, you can now create a special showcase to house your figures, so you don't have to worry about dust anymore. You will also never lose your figures' accessories again, as you can store them in the box as well. In addition, if you want to create an exciting and new exhibition, you can use FaBiOX together with LEGO bricks to create displays of any shape and size. Watch the video to get some initial ideas and let your imagination run wild!

Safety and certification

Toys sold within the European Union must meet the most stringent safety requirements in the world and the CE marking on our packaging shows our commitment to only marketing safe toys. This is the most effective way to guarantee that the product in question complies with all relevant safety standards. All FaBiOX products are tested before being placed on the market and comply with European health, safety and environmental regulations.