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LIGHT STAX® System Builder Pro

LIGHT STAX® System Builder Pro

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The System Builder Set is ideal for adding light to existing building block collections. Whether it's lighting up a house or helping vehicles to turn on headlights or blue lights, this set makes tuning a breeze!

The included Mobile Power Brick has seven lighting functions: Permanent lighting, flashing, dimming up and down, noise-dependent lighting (e.g. in the rhythm of your favorite music), lighting in the heartbeat rhythm and sound-activated lighting (10 seconds after receiving an acoustic signal). All functions can be used both in continuous operation and with automatic termination after 15 minutes ("good night function").

This product is compatible with LEGO® building blocks, but not with DUPLO® brand building blocks!

-12x 1x1 STAX round without contacts on top, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, white (each transparent)
-6x 1x1 STAX square without contacts on top, red, blue, white (each transparent)
-12x 1x2 STAX white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange (each transparent)
-1x Power Base Extra, black
-2x 1x1 STAX round flat (transparent)
-2x 1x1 STAX oblique, white (transparent)
-16x 1x2x2 STAX Connector black, grey, red, white (matt)
-4x 1x2 STAX curved, yellow transp.
-4x STAX Connector 1x6, black, white
-4x STAX Connector 2x4, black, white
-4x STAX Connector 1x4, black, white
-1x STAX Separator
-1x 1x2 Extension Cable 15cm
-1x 1x2 Extension Cable 30cm
-1x 2x2 Extension Cable 15cm
-1x 2x2 Extension Cable 50cm
-1x Vehicle Powerbase (Attention, this Powerbase does not have a rechargeable Mobile Power Brick, but is powered by a CR2032 button cell battery. This Powerbase reacts to movements: If you play with the vehicle, connected STAX lights up, the vehicle stands still, the STAX do not light up.)
-1x USB Cable 80cm

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